Steve Jade on the Ivories
  l i s t e n   
to original music by Steve Jade.

 Mario Pancetti plays sax on Blue Peach Boulevard

 A beautiful example of Steve Jade's original compostions is CITY OF FIRE, an eclectic collection of 12 instrumental pieces. Artist Catherine Crenshaw's rendition of early Coney Island, in a dreamlike setting, perfectly reflects this haunting music. This limited edition CD is available briefly for $12. Send check or money order to:
Steve Jade CD, 3047 Cedar Glade Lane, Buford, Ga 30519

l i s t e n
to AM PM
Steve Jade with Ron Adwaters, saxophonist of distinction

This demo was recorded with no overdubs to adequately represent the duo's sound live. Am Pm plays a variety of styles. Big band swing, a romantic ballad, and a classic rock number are offered here-