GOOD GIG: A wedding aboard a yacht as it circled New York Harbor, passing the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center.The skyline was all lit up at night. Beautiful!
MOST BIZARRE! Performed 7 am at the Stamford,Ct Railroad Station for Metropool to promote car pooling. Bleary eyed commuters and "The Electric Slide" don't mix well!
ANOTHER GOOD GIG- AM PM  band played a "pep rally" on the court of the Georgia Dome for the FINAL FOUR Basketball tournament. A surreal experience!
ANOTHER MOST BIZARRE!!!- Gigged at McDonald's in Atlanta on Christmas Eve for lunch patrons. JINGLE BELLS and BIG MACS! Also a surreal experience!

      Steve Jade was born in Bridgeport, Ct and as a teenager performed in many regionally successful rock bands. Chamiel (Ka-meel), one of his more popular bands, found engagements warming up classic rock acts such as The Edgar Winter Group, Elvin Bishop, Poco and Vicki Sue Robinson (Turn the Beat Around).
     Another band, Origin, arrived during the pioneering stage of music videos and appeared on the then fledgling music network MTV. After Origin disbanded, Jade honed a solo act embracing pop, jazz and even new age. As popularity grew, he found himself playing for celebrities Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bolton and super model Carol Alt at her home in Westport, Ct.
     Jade relocated to Atlanta in 1993 to pursue a recording career and soon released CITY OF FIRE (Starhawk Records), a CD of original music showcasing his eclectic style.
     Today, he continues to perform solo, occasionally hooking up with local singers like Stevie K as well as other musicians.
C a r e e r    H i g h l i g h t s

  • Wrote and produced music for Thursday Savage's production "IF I WERE GRANTED ONE DREAM", which had a successful run off-Broadway.
  • Helped create music for Seung Kuk Lee's instructional video "SEMINAR IN COMPETITIVE TAE KWON DO" which was sold and distributed internationally.
  • Co-wrote theme music for VOX POP TELEVISION, a hip cable show in Southern Connecticut.
  • Worked with hip-hop artist Candace Dominique on music for her own label.
  •  Jade's song SEARCHLIGHTS is currently featured as theme music  for EYE ON GAINESVILLE. a program on TV-18 in Gainesville,GA.
  • Jade appeared on season 3 of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, a reality show on the A&E TV network. He played for the wedding ceremony on the program and also performed original music.